The Exaggerations of Juvenal


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“Probity is praised,” says Juvenal, “and left to freeze in the cold.” Now, two millennia later, looking down from the proud eminence of a much more advanced stage of moral decay, we’re inclined to suspect the satirist of exaggeration—surely there was never a time when probity was praised?

Task: Suffer a Dualism-Induced Collapse


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Deluded victim of the language of dualism make comparison after comparison until unhinged by the tempestuous disquietude of that relentless mental activity you mistake for lucidity you fall into a state of total lunacy and the prisonlike structure of stupid distinctions you have constructed for yourself in a trance and watched slam close on your consciousness like the teeth of an intellectual trap crumbles into ruin right along with your mind.

Task: Climb for 16,000 Centuries


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With hands and feet flayed of skin climb for sixteen thousand centuries of sidereal days in a solitude so deep it would paralyze even the devil up a sheer wall of relentless winter rain pushing as you go against a gale-force wind of intermittent appearance those few straggling thoughts and memories to which a self still faintly clings in your mind having been smashed together by the overwhelming force of an insurmountable fear to form the abstract equivalent of an unmarked grave.