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Dear Reader,

Welcome to my newly begun blog, and thank you for visiting. I haven’t the vaguest idea what I’m going to do with it yet, but whatever it is I promise you it will be magnificent and shine with the light of a million stars. So please make yourself at home. While you’re here, I want you to feel like a king or a queen on a relaxed stroll through the splendidly adorned gardens of your own royal palace. Although this blog is mine, and, in testament to that fact, bears my name, I invite you to treat it as your own, lest I should become greedy, as is my tendency, and begin to cling to it. As for this person I identify as myself: think of him as a mere assistant or servant, helping you to accomplish some task whose purpose is at present unknown to you, but which will—perhaps—at some future date, be disclosed. And now I have a confession to make: I used to be horrified of the word blog, which I diagnosed as a symptom of a slow and wasting disease bound, inevitably, to kill the English language, and whose use I boldly condemned as being tantamount to participation in, and endorsement of, spiritual, intellectual, cultural, and moral decline. But, after waging a long and protracted war against my own preferences, from which, I am happy to report, I emerged victorious, I have decided to embrace this word, along with everything else that horrifies me. Life is too short and too lacking in pleasant illusion not to find a way to fall in love with everything which fills us with terror.