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Dear Readers,

Some of you have asked me what it is I am now working on. You want to know what you can expect and when. You are tired of waiting. Which is understandable. For I have done nothing—I have not even so much as lifted a finger—in an attempt to disprove the now deeply rooted idea that I am completely oblivious to time. Was it not I who let an entire decade pass between the publication of The Effort to Fall and The Comedy of Agony? There is no denying it. And now, since the Comedy’s appearance, another four years have passed: four long, desolate years during which you have heard hardly a peep out of me—at least until this blog appeared on the web, as if by the power of magic, some thirty days ago. So naturally you are wondering if I am planning on pulling the same stunt again. Will I continue to treat the months as though they were minutes? How many more decades must pass before I present the world with my next book?

(Find out in the next installment.)