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Dear Reader,

On the odd chance you still cherish a faint nostalgia for the printed page, I have some exciting news.

The first issue of Joseph Uccello’s new literary journal, The God Zero: Codex of Uncertain Arts, has been released.

Between its covers you will find the latest incarnations of a couple of my dithyrambs; and also—for those more oracular and Laconic occasions—a selection of eleven Tasks.

I encourage you to purchase and add to your library this fascinating collection of texts from the very fringes of literature.

In addition, I am pleased to announce that while In Paradise remains a work in progress, The Book of Tasks is nearly complete, and should, I expect, be ready for publication before the end of the year.

I apologize for the paucity of updates on this website.

Thank you for your patience as I prepare in secret works that will overturn the destiny of the world.