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Dear Reader,

Greetings from Kyoto, where I am currently wandering at large.

Are you experiencing a sudden surge of nostalgia for 2012, the year when the world was supposed to end? Inspired by a constant flood of apocalyptic prognostications, you looked forward to that catastrophic event for 365 days, feeling as if you already had one foot in the void—and then? Nothing. The sun rose.

Another day . . .

Well, here is another opportunity to enjoy the beginning of the year whose end was supposed to be The End, but which disappointed our sensitivity by failing to deliver on its promise:

2012 New Year’s Address (2017 Anniversary Edition)

Though a single reading will no doubt suffice to satisfy the temperate, should you wish to throw aside all restraint and indulge further, never fear: I will soon repost this superannuated New Year’s Address here as well, complete with the absent exordium, in case it be missed.

And there is still more to look forward to in days to come. To what do I allude, you wonder? Somewhat cryptically, I confess, to my 2016 Christmas Oration, which, unless it be even further delayed by unforseen circumstance, will appear before the end of the present month, proving the unsuspected identity of trace and apparition.

Have you mistaken this for the mere website it masquerades as? Look deeper. It is more. It is the place where memory, experience, and anticipation meet; where past, present, and future lose the definition they possess as individual concepts and promiscuously collide. 

You have reached this place of chronological coalescence at last.