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Ra aboard his solar boat, carressed by Aten’s rays.

Dear Reader,

Amateur archeologist of my own online publications, I have unearthed four rare artifacts of inestimable value which I present to you now.

  • The Apocalyptic Longing: No Peace. This essay, inspired by the coming apocalypse which never came, appeared on the website 50 Watts in what seems, now, like the remote past (2011).
  • The Core of the Earth. Accompany the perspicacious Empedocles as he leaps into the crater of an active volcano and discovers what remains hidden from the rest of us who remain clinging, timidly, like servants of fear, to the surface.

If you like my writings but have not yet read my books, here is the page you’re looking for.

Until the next time, I remain, as ever, your trusted guide to literature’s highest altitudes and a lamp of truth by whose scintillating light you may see into the human soul’s most inaccessible abysses.