This Website

Dedicated to the work of aphorist and philosophical essayist Christopher Spranger, this website contains information about publications, links to interviews, and other pertinent materials. The author also regularly shares writing here which he has not yet published in book-form, including aphorisms, essays, tasks, and records of travel.

The Author

Christopher Spranger is the author of two books of aphorisms and philosophical essays, The Effort to Fall (Green Integer Books, 1998), and The Comedy of Agony (Leaping Dog Press, 2006). His most recently completed work, The Book of Tasks—individual pieces of which are available for perusal here—is currently being prepared for publication. A born exile, he has no fixed abode, but can usually be found in one of three places: at the summit of a mountain, in the cell of a monastery, or wandering aimlessly through the Orient.